Jack Russel Puppies 102

How should I start when it comes to commands?

There are definitely some basic ones that you should start with. The first words he should know are his name and then no and a good or good dog. These will tell him what is allowed and what isn’t at its basic level, even if he doesn’t understand what exactly he is doing that is good or bad. Once you have that established with your lovable dog, try things like sit, stay, go, peelie down, etc. If you’re at a loss, make sure that you look online or ask some fellow dog moms and dads, to see which ones they recommend. Jack Russells love to learn, so when he gets older, you’ll find that he’ll want to learn even more. Teach him as many commands as you can, but make sure you start with the basic building blocks. What does he need? Remember that a dog is a creature that is totally used to a chain of command. At a biological level, this means that you need to remember that rules and commands are not a bad thing for him, but a good one instead. So really, your dog needs restrictions and rules, because it helps him learn his role in the family and it gives him something to learn and focus on. Your dog, especially with the Jack Russell breed, is going to need a lot of attention and rules so give him that. Our treats ok treats are a normal part of training but you have to make sure that he doesn’t rely entirely on them. If you do, then he won’t sit or stay for you when he realizes you have nothing in your hand. It’s normal to want to shower your dog with treats but do it on a random basis at the beginning of learning a new command. Give more treats and as you see your jack mastered it. Every other time pet him when he does what you asked and tell him he’s a good boy. That way he’ll listen to you because he doesn’t know whether you have a treat for him but he’ll listen just in case. This is the best method for training your puppy. Consider a click training device, those are great too and don’t rely on replacement and replenishment. Keep a schedule when training. You have to make sure that you keep a schedule and that it is consistent. This is essential for making sure that both he and you are content and happy as well as well-behaved and in control. Take time to train him every day and make sure that he understands this as just part of the system and he has to listen and learn. He’ll get the hang of it sooner than you’d think and he’ll be better off for it for sure. Try to incorporate a very short training session whenever you can. Every walk is a chance to learn him how to walk politely.

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  1. Carol Sue champoux says:

    Fouling have tri colors along with your brown and whites? You wrote they are AKC registerable and parents are champion Russell Terriers? How much do you charge and do you show in the AKC? Sorry so many questions!! Carol Sue

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